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Daren Oddenino: How to Spot Oil and Gas Takeout Targets

Let's make one thing clear: There is no magic formula to determine which company will be the next big buyout story. But if there were a formula, it would include variables like asset value, management skill level, risk profile and location, location, location. Today, C. K. Cooper & Co. Analyst Daren Oddenino joins The Energy Report to discuss M&A trends and help us solve for X. One caveat—a company that tempts an international player might leave domestic majors cold.

Giant Exxon Discovery Could Change Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Outlook

Oil companies are hoping this latest major find will provide further justification for speeding up the permit issuing process for deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Offshore Oil Drilling May Continue to Face Impediments

Prior to the Gulf of Mexico oil leak in April, U.S. regulators approved about a dozen permits a month to drill in the shallow waters off the Gulf. Following the spill, a considerably more cautious approach has barely allowed one a month, despite the six-month moratorium only affecting wells in much deeper waters.