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BC Looking to Encourage LNG Investment With New Tax

On October 21, the government of British Columbia announced a tax rate aimed at encouraging investment in the LNG industry on the province's coast. The hope? To keep companies interested in the prospect of drilling for LNG.

Musings on the Second Great Recovery Experiment and the Promise of Natural Gas: Ron Muhlenkamp

Like the economy as a whole, the Muhlenkamp Fund is still struggling to extricate itself from the morass of the Great Recession. Ron Muhlenkamp, founder of Muhlenkamp & Co. Inc., sees a forerunner to this downturn in the 1980–82 recession. In this interview, he tells The Energy Report how good policy ended the earlier slowdown and set the stage for two decades of prosperity. He also explains why bad policy is hampering recovery now, and what this means for investors.